im lost.

i feel so alone, restless and tired lately…

Dream last night…

I dreamt that my dad was leaving for a job in another city/state, and before he left, i told him to wait and i gave him a hug and told him i’ll miss him and he started to cry and then that made me start to cry. I woke up from my dream and bawled out tears.

There’s a point where you just don’t give a flying fuck anymore…

Why couldn’t that point hit me way earlier.

i really wish i had a nice body that comes naturally.

Those moments when you’re horny out of nowhere.

omgah, i think im gonna start my period soon. lulz



Treat your man right.

He’s mine. <3 You had your chance. Back off, homewrecker. He’s all I want and I DONT share. Get your own.

Seeing her like all your statuses on facebook is really starting to get irritating. Damn. asdfghjkl; qurl stawp iyt, go awey.

I remember i wished it was me, you called your girlfriend. Now, im good. lol. Things happen for a reason right? I guess it just wasnt right for us to be together. I wish the best for you and your girl. Keep strong. (:

im weird

i like to settle for okay looking guys….. cause i dont want any biatches up on my bf’s jock. i havent got with many super cute, hyped guys…. id like to try that one day… maybe? lol cause they’re cute AF, omg :3 omg now i wish i had a bf so we could do cute couple things ): … foreveralone lol