At times, I do regret not applying to state colleges. I wanna leave home and get that college life experience. I wanna receive acceptance letters. Friends have been receiving theirs and I’m jealous. Oh well.

It’s official :3

March 15, 2012 @ around 11:30 pm ♥

Finally lol (;

*The right moment to ask never came up because we were already living in it. ♥*

Can I fucking get a break?

You guys keep me locked up in the house and its so fucking boring! I wanna leave for spring break with my friends and you guys wont let me! Are you fucking dumb?! All I ever do is try to please you. I have straight A’s, perfect attendance, I help around the house… FUCK, give me a break!!!! I need my fucking space and I need to get out of this house. I NEVER FUCKING GET TO DO ANYTHING. And if I was a stronger person, I’d fight for what I want.. Cause i know I’ll start bawling if I were to fully say what I want. I hate you guys. You’re the worst. Im gonna have my revengence. I’m going. Fuck what you say. “If you live under my roof, you follow my rules.” Fuck you bitch, you were the worst one of the family when you were younger. Thats why I wanted to get away for college you dumbfuck. Damn, I hate you. We’ll see what happens… If I go to LA, I’m totally gonna get fucked up, party and bullshit… And I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!

What my ex texted me lastnight.

you’re probably asleep but i love you and you’re the most beautiful girl i ever met, inside and out. you might not be perfect to others but you are to me. everytime i hear your name i swear it makes my heart skip a beat. the day that i met you a spot opened up for you in my heart. when im with you or im textin you i always have this feelin that i could take on the world. whevever i think of you i start to smile out of nowhere. i’ve met alot of girls that i used to call my baby but none of them made me feel the way you did. which is drivin me crazy. people might think im stupid to fall for you but i dont care cause people always envy what they dont see often. noone has ever held me the way you did, noone has ever kissed me the way you did. cause theres noone else like you. i wont let no other man take your hand. i truly believe that you are the one for me. wells brook i’ve fallen for you
and i always will. have a great night sleep. i hope this puts a big smile on you when you!
 wake up.

—-Things like this make me wanna go back to him. Especially cause of how shitty I have been feeling lately.


I like how you’re on my mind almost the whole day and when I think about talking (phoning) with you at night my anxiousness builds up so high. But when I actually call, your phones always busy or no one answers. Like seriously… You’re making me look like a dumb fuck. Wow, I’m honestly tired of waiting for you. I think whats best for me is to move on with my life. It’s been way too long. You honestly don’t know what you want cause its been forever since we’be been talking… But I now do know what I want. I want the best for me. No more waiting at night looking forward to talk to someone, and then getting hurt and disappointed cause it doesn’t happen… I should just enjoy myself. Enjoy being single and become more independent. Thats what I really need to be… More independent. Nothing stopping me from reaching my goals and ambitions in life.


I fucking miss you! You don’t get it! We don’t keep contact much cause you dont have your own phone. Lately we haven’t been talking and i fucking miss you. Like damn I wanna cry just thinking about it sometimes. But just so you know, if you’re wasting my time, I give you a big round of applause for making me look like a dumbass waiting for you this whole time. And also a big fuck you in the face. Damn, me missing you is now turning this sadness into anger. So fuckin funny. Lol and now it’s funny. I hate distance. It’s a fucking cockblock and it’s killing me inside.

People who seriously don’t come through with what thy say! Do they wanna DIE! omfg lol… But really, it’s not fair and it’s false advertisement to sell something and don’t come through with it!!!!! Fuck, bitches wanna get cut.

Out of all of my tumblrs, I’d say that this is the most realest and true tumblr I have. I like this one alot because I can be who I truly am and not put up a front for anyone. No one knows about this blog so I could put whatever shit I want on it. I love venting here. It relieves some what stress I have. Nobody special knows about this tumblr, and I plan on keeping it that way. This is where my true, deep thoughts, comments, and personal events are talked about. Mainly about love, but still… Typical teenage girl’s life problems lol.

I really don’t want to be disappointed.


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