I am so anti-social right now. Fuck, I just wanna be alone. Leave.

God I just want to be happy. That’s all I ask for. Love and happiness.

I’m waiting…

Whatever goes around comes around. So I’m waiting for you to get a taste of your own medicine, bitch.

Too many things are running through my mind. Maybe it’s best if I’m just alone… For now at least until I get things/life straightened out. But from what I’ve read from her tumblr, things aren’t going too good for you.

You don’t know how much I hate you for doing what you did earlier today.

Not gonna be talking to you for a while.

Everyone one on this site looks for love and cherrishes love and doesn’t wanna be “forever alone”. I just want to be forever happy!!

You know what I’d like to do to you? Shove a fuckin porcupine down your throat and watch you choke on that shit. You are getting on my last fucking nerves! Fuck! If I had a car, I’d drive away far, far fucking away from home. I dont need the bullshit. I do enough for you. Fml. I need to fucking get the fuck out of here.

Now that we don’t talk anymore,

There’s no reason for me to come to the bay. But the next time I do go to the bay, you won’t be informed because I just really want to spend that day with the family… No stupid boys or drama. Uh, yeah… That’s all I gotta say to you.

Honestly, I do get a little jealous/mad/irritated that whenever your friends are over, we can’t really talk because it’s just awkward cause you have company and I dont wanna bug you. My feelings for you are true. I want you all to myself! And that’s not good because jealousy is such a bad quality to have in a relationship.

I want you! But what’s getting with the right person at the wrong time. So I guess I can wait. I just hope the wait was worth it… I know it will be. (; ajdgshjahhsha I like you alot. I wanna see you soon ); I miss you, love you. I wanna hold you and cuddle. If only.